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What is Camellia sinensis?

Camellia sinensis is allotment of the beloved family. The leaves are ablaze healthing with denticulate edges. When accustomed to annual the plant produces baby white flowers with ablaze chicken stamens. The fruit that develops has a harder healthing carapace and a single, round, amber seed. The seeds can be used to accomplish tea oil.

Camellia sinensis comes in two primary varieties and a third, which is not about used in tea cultivation. The Camellia sinensis sinensis plant ache is from China and is usually used to accomplish healthing and white teas. Some atramentous teas and oolong teas are aswell fabricated application this variety. The Camellia sinensis assamica ache is built-in to the Assam arena in India. This plant is usually used for atramentous tea, as able-bodied as pu’erh tea in Yunnan province, China. The third array is Camellia sinensis cambodiensis. While it has been alloyed to accomplish assertive ancestry in added cultivars, the Java backcountry is not about used in bartering tea production. There are almost 1,500 cultivars acquired from the two capital varieties, but we’ll leave that for the tea growers.